Children's ball

Many institutions, in understanding the needs of the child and the importance of play for its development, uses more or less solemn occasions to organize games, including collective music and movement events, commonly known as bales. This applies to lights, kindergartens, community centers, etc.

Apart from purely organizational matters, someone is responsible for decorating the room. It is difficult to suggest ready-made solutions here, after all, there are so many artistically talented people among cultural and educational workers, with decorating skills and experience, for whom the suggestions contained in this book may seem unappealing and unnecessary. However, they can be useful to people, for whom the task of decorating the room fell on the head on the principle of "entliczek-pentliczek" and who do not have much time to look for an idea, and they would like to, to make the event as beautiful as possible and bring as much joy to the children as possible.

Children love dressing up very much (how many times do they turn into adults, putting on mom's slippers, high-heeled, and put on her dress!). A real grand ball ignites the child's imagination, so it is worth supplying him with materials, channel the imagination, if we want to use play as a topic for conversations with children, talks or explanations - for more specific didactic purposes. Bal, "dress-up" fun, so you can organize something, np. "forest in winter" - during the winter carnival, "meadow in spring" or "meadow in summer", "at the town square" or "at the royal court".

Each of such decorations imposes the topic of conversations with children, np. "forest in winter" gives an opportunity to explain, that a teddy bear came to the ball, a squirrel came too, but every day, they sleep in winter, and I don't have a side, because he flew to warm countries for the winter.

Playing "at the royal court" will raise the issue of social customs, sociable manners, the chivalry of the boys towards the "ladies" and the elegant behavior of the ladies towards the boys as well, as well as to the whole environment, etc. These are the added benefits of having fun, which is worth trying.

It is difficult to transform the entire room into a meadow or snowy backwoods, so it's best to decorate one corner of the room, in the rest of the room, placing only some related accessories.