What's up in kindergarten

Kasia was not yet three years old, when she went to kindergarten. Parents were afraid, that being in a group is not going to be good for a very sensitive and not quite an adult child until the pre-school career. But there was no other advice. For almost a year, the girl attended a social institution, then went to state.

When Kasia came to kindergarten for the first time, she asked her mother: "Do not go, wait for me. I will go, I'll see, is it good here”. After a dozen or so minutes, she came running to her mother who was waiting in the hall: "Do you know, There are lots of nice toys here. I don't have these at home. The kids look at me like that. They want to play with me. I will stay here. You can go “.

And so it was for many days. The little girl asked her mother every morning, not to leave, until he checks, Will she be okay in kindergarten?. After a while, she became confident, Kindergarten is always fun and interesting. However, she stayed in the background. She did not engage in other children's games alone. She played separately, but when a child came up to her, she enjoyed having fun together. And when someone tried to take her toy away, she sought help and justice from you.

Kasia was usually picked up by her mother, sometimes father, and it happened, that both parents picked her up. On the way, the girl talked about kindergarten almost constantly. She taught her mother or father a new rhyme, new song, so that they can sing together later. She was reminded of another important event. And so from these seemingly incoherent emergences, unrelated sentences, the picture of the day was slowly emerging.

Parents found out, how and with whom did their daughter play today, what kind of tricks she made, what she drew and what troubles she had with it, how she dealt with them, who spilled soup at dinner, who was grimacing, Who did you have to help with eating?, and who ate the best dinner, was the food very tasty, or just the same, etc. She showed at home, as the children danced, she tried to dance with her mother, sometimes with my father, but he was kind of awkward, then she started drawing, to show my parents, what she did in kindergarten today. Mom prepared Kasia at home the same paints and paper, which the girl used in kindergarten. Painting was her favorite activity. It did happen, that sometimes her paint spilled onto the floor, sometimes the table got dirty, the apron was always stained after this occupation, but no one made Kasia reproaches for this reason. Nobody just paid attention to these minor catastrophes. After finishing the activity, the girl would go to clean up and try so well, as much as she could, remove the traces left. Kasia participated in all household activities. She helped clean the apartment. Mom bought her a small dustpan and a broom, and later, when the girl learned to use them efficiently, she used big ones, real, mom's supplies. Kasia was happy to help in preparing dinner, covering the table, washing dishes.

When my father got down to some repairs or tinkering, she always assisted with this job, handed out tools. She felt needed, important, essential at home. she knew, that nothing can happen here without her.