Birthday hats for children

Birthday hats for children.

However, most children spend their birthdays indoors, which doesn't offer as much entertainment, like freedom in the air. These need to provide additional attractions. It is known, for example, that children like to dress up. Therefore, it is worth preparing some elements that will allow them to dress up, even the simplest. The easiest way to make headdresses, np. dwarf hats, flowers or something. Prepared hats should be placed near the entrance and given to children as they come. Some ideas for such hats are given in the figure.

Drawing. Examples of easy-to-make hats: a - dwarf hat, b - flower, c - butterfly (a cap on a frame made of glued strips of paper), d- mouse, e — kogocik, f - bunny.

Another variation of the attraction is the selection of the "almond king". The crown and as many buds are being prepared, how many children will be at the party. An almond is placed in one donut when baking (it can be a seed from a pit of a plum or a peach) or some nut. Kid, who had such a donut, he is hailed as the king of fun and bestowed with a crown. Throughout the game, it will rule the gathered children, and keeps the crown at the end of the game as a souvenir. After choosing the king, you can make a toast for him with juice or orangeade.

You need to be careful, so that all children feel good and have fun, so that there are no timid and forgotten in the corner. Playing should be done discreetly, and interventions must be tactful, so that children do not feel embarrassed or pressured.

When fun time is over, this must be communicated to the children in a manner previously agreed upon with them, np. using the bell, so that they have time to relax, getting used to the thought of ending play.

Young children cannot return home alone - unless they are picked up by guardians, the hosts must escort them.