Hot dishes for children's birthday

Hot dishes for children's birthday.

Instead of sandwiches, you can make "baskets". Puffs are baked for this purpose (we advise you to do it earlier). Sliced ​​puffs are smeared inside with mild mayonnaise and various products are put inside them, np. a slice of ham rolled into a tube (hams, mortadeli itp.), which contains, for example,. plum, a quarter of a hard-boiled egg, a mushroom made of a quail egg and half of a small tomato put on top, lettuce leaf, a small canned fish or a piece of smoked fish peeled from the bones, half a walnut.

Kabczków is made of cheese cut into long strips.

Ptysie. Prepare a glass of water with 1/3 butter cubes. Throw into boiling water 10 a dag of flour (half glass) and mix with a wooden spoon, until one lump is made, cool, mixing in one at a time 3 eggs and mix everything together. On hot, put small heaps of mass on a greased baking sheet, bake in a hot oven for 25-30 minutes. Note - by the first 15 minutes are not allowed.

Cut with a sharp knife after it has cooled. Take the bottoms on the baskets - they will stand better - hide the tops for serving another time, np. sweet.

hot dishes.

If we want to give the children something hot (it's on the plates), you can prepare any casserole or very tasty rice with mushrooms and chicken.

Rice with mushrooms and chicken. Cook the chicken in very little water, remove, peel off the bone, cut the meat and put it back into the broth. 1/4 kg of mushrooms stew with butter and onion, combine with chicken. Rice cooked separately (2 pour a cup of rice 4 cups of boiling water, little boy, cook until it thickens and put it in a cooker or under a pillow, would come), mix with chicken and mushrooms. Serve with a green salad or (in winter) with halved pitted frozen plums (after defrosting of course).