Hall decoration – Meadow

Hall decoration – Meadow.

The meadow corner is made in the same way as the forest corner. So, on the racks, several floral elements are placed in the corner, np. water sticks, a few tufts of grass, marigolds.

A background of pieces of brown is pasted on the walls, light green and dark green paper. Several spring elements - a tree - are glued to the background, flowers, np. forget-me-nots, irysy, marigolds. These flowers are large, clear, visible from a distance. They are made of cardboard, because the paper in small racks may turn out to be too limp. In the case of flowers, the frames are simply planks laid flat. To obtain the impression of perspective, the elements are glued to two opposite sides of the board. A large sun and one are placed at the top in the corner of the room, two clouds suspended on threads attached to stylon lines - as in the case of snow in the "forest in winter" decoration. A butterfly and bees glued to the wall complete the picture. Proportionality is not necessary, it is important that there are individual elements that are clearly visible for later discussion. And even if there is no discussion - children like realistic, big drawings - they will enjoy them.

Of course, children in flower costumes will participate in such a ball in the meadow, pets, insects. There may also be invited guests, but probably in the minority. Decoration suggestions ,,meadow".