Hall decoration - At the royal court

Hall decoration - At the royal court.

This is where accessories play a role, like sconces, draped pelmets over windows and doors, mirrors or paintings in Art Nouveau frames. The mirror is more difficult to make, but a "picture" for decoration can be painted with children, even diluted with non-bright watercolors. Then you can slightly contour with charcoal or chalk too blurred "masterpieces". And the children will be happy, they decorated their room.

The easiest to paint will be schematic landscapes and garlands of flowers or grapes.

Landscapes should be sketched lightly with a pencil for children and given to them to color with a brush or sponge, and the garlands can be stamped by children themselves. Stamps are made of properly punched (np. for grapes you will need circles and the third part of the leaf) potatoes, sponges, wood, etc. After cutting a pattern out of them, they are dipped in paint and applied to the paper, on which a trace is left.

The frames are made of paper plastic. Such images should be large, almost to the floor, only then will they give the hall a majestic appearance. Draperies above the windows can be made of fabric or crepe. Sconces are cut out of cardboard. They are double-winged, on top, tubes made of white Bristol board are attached to them – candles with flames cut out of orange paper.

Drawing. Elements of easy papercraft to make a frame: a - pieces of double-folded bristol, essential parts of the frame, b - corner element covering the joint, c - side piece covering the joint, d - view of the finished frame pinned to the paper, where the painting is located.

Drawing. Wall lamp elements: a - main part (Broken lines are marked with broken lines), b - overlays, which are attached to each arm of the wall lamp in two, and then they are bent outward along the dotted line, c - toothed wheel, which are glued flat on the folded overlays (the teeth bend upwards), d - rectangle of Bristol board for "candle" (the circumference of the spark plug should not exceed the inside circumference of the toothed wheel, for it will be attached to it), e - płomyk.