Hall decoration – In the city market

Hall decoration – In the city market.

Market, Of course, it doesn't have to be Warsaw. It could be the market of an imaginary city. Images of tenement houses painted with a poster on paper are attached to the wall. In fact, only arcades or doors, windows and roofs are painted, because the walls are perfectly reflected by gray wrapping paper, from which the decoration is made. First, the walls are glued, then the roofs. One tenement house, in front view, it is made on a frame made of slats and placed in a corner with a diagonal to both walls, wherein- it makes an obtuse angle with the decorated wall. The six-pane windows of this tenement house are cut out, and the glass is glued from the back with orange cellophane. Behind this mock-up of the tenement house there is a source of light, making, the building appears to be inhabited. All lamps in the room are covered with lantern-shaped lampshades (drawing), lined inside with cellophane. Decoration suggestion at the top.

Scheme of a summer-shaped lantern, next to it is a view of a finished lantern on a boom.