Lots of toys and a big problem

Lots of toys and a big problem.

Iza was the third child in the family. There was a big age difference between her and her siblings: elder sister of 14 lat, arm o 16. So that's how she grew up, as if she had more than two pairs of grandparents, but also two pairs of parents. Everyone pampered her in their own way, gave gifts. She had countless toys. Their parents and grandparents outdid each other in buying them, sister and brother. The house looked like a well-stocked stall.

At first, Iza enjoyed every new little thing. Whenever he showed up, old toys immediately went into the corner. The new one reigned for a few days. So long, until the next one showed up. Over time, gifts ceased to arouse joy. Admittedly, every guest who came to the house was greeted by the girl with a question: – What did you bring?? – But she enjoyed the gift for a short time. She looked at it and then threw it there, where she stood. She couldn't play. She couldn't focus on one thing. She took down more and more new toys from the shelf just for this, to leave them in the middle of the room. Her fun looked something like this: she pulled out a large car and began to load something, then her eyes fell on the little cart. This one seemed more useful, so she would pull it off the shelf and start rearranging the contents of the car, but as she did so, she spotted an even smaller vehicle. The moment she reached for him, Another toy caught her attention.

The multitude of toys clearly prevented her from taking up one activity. Anyway, no one in the household tried to help her in this, to concentrate on the chosen task. And a small child expects adults, to show interest in it, what he does, expressed their approval, recognition for his performance, they would praise them, they asked questions. Wanting to explain, what he is currently doing, must focus on the activity at hand. It is not enough to overwhelm a child with lots of toys, you also have to skilfully manage his play, without imposing anything on him and leaving a lot of freedom. Adult encouragement and praise, their interest is triggered by new ideas. The lack of interest on the part of adults disappoints the child, fun becomes less attractive. However, excessive interference in the fun is undesirable, limiting spontaneity.