Children love to listen to fairy tales

Children love to listen to fairy tales.

Children love to listen to fairy tales, stories, poems. They have their favorite songs, please, to read them. They get emotionally involved, they often experience deeply the adventures of their favorite heroes. Some very sensitive even ask, to omit fragments in the booklet about the troubles or sufferings of the beloved hero, because they make them sad. A preschool child likes to look at the illustrations just like the younger ones, pointing to individual characters with your finger, talk about them. We will give him great joy by buying a puppet depicting his favorite fairy-tale character. The parents tried to stage the stories they read to the little child, four- and a five-year-old can perform the appropriate movements with a puppet while listening to a well-known fairy tale.

You can also encourage your child to make puppets on their own. They won't be as pretty though, as store bought, but their value will be increased by the fact, that they were hand made.

The child takes every play seriously. He gets emotionally involved in it. So when we see, that he is engrossed in recreating a situation, let's not interrupt his work unexpectedly, even when dinner is ready, or it was dinner time. let's, to bring the fun to an end, or at least until then, where it can be interrupted, even if the schedule of the day suffers a bit and the time of lunch or evening bath is shifted by several minutes. Let us also sometimes leave a started building, for example, so that the child can continue playing the next day.