A child in kindergarten

A child in kindergarten.

Kid, who attends kindergarten, desires contact with parents. He spent more than half the day in the company of his peers. Participated in many interesting and attractive games and activities, The program in the kindergarten is very rich and comprehensively developing. So he returns home full of impressions and wants to share them with his loved ones. He wants to tell his parents as accurately and in detail as possible about everything, what happened to him today, show off the new skills learned in kindergarten, demonstrate them.

Listening carefully to these accounts is one of the most important parental responsibilities. No less important than caring for the proper nutrition of the child or getting him the right clothes. Some parents don't have enough patience, to listen to the seemingly disjointed story of things, which we, adults, seem completely irrelevant. A child has a completely different scale of values ​​than ours, events, about which he wants to communicate to us, are of great importance to him. Patient and careful listening to his stories allows you to learn about the problems, what he lives, achievements, successes, as well as worries, troubles, with which he is not always able to cope on his own.

It is constant participation in all his affairs, interest in his problems, readiness to come to the aid in difficult situations (Of course, I don't think about unnecessarily helping the child in activities, which it should do itself) is very important, often affects the later arrangement of family relations. The child is used to it, that his parents take all his affairs seriously, will look to them for help later as well, when he grows up, when more serious problems and troubles come. He will be convinced of it, that the help of parents is always the most effective and the best.

You can talk to your preschooler on the way home, and then listen to all the reports while doing your daily activities, learn, what new learned today, be amazed, that he recites the poem so beautifully, dances krakowiak, sings a song. And when will the story end, it is worth encouraging the child, to help us carry out various small daily activities. The preschooler is very willing to help parents. He is happy and proud, when he is entrusted with the performance of some task. He tries his best to wipe the dust off, collect garbage in the garbage can, to water the flowers, wipe the plates, set the table. And that with hands that are still not very efficient, sometimes something will not work out, something will slip out of them, something will fall to the floor, something will spill out, something breaks - it's hard. There is a price to pay for every learning.