Figures from boxes

Figures from boxes.

From medicine boxes, creams, matches, toothpaste etc. you can make interesting puppets with geometric shapes. The younger child will need help from parents or older siblings with some activities, six-year-olds can easily make toys on their own.

Where to start work? First, collect a lot of different cardboard boxes, pieces of cardboard, colored paper, string, sticks of different lengths, glue, scissors, and also a large nail. Table, where the child will work, better to cover with cardboard or newspaper.

Next, you should familiarize yourself with the "construction" of the box. Now is the decisive moment - the child decides, whether he wants to make a man or a pet. Then he selects the appropriate box, watches them closely, wonders, what can be used from it and what should be supplemented with it. We do not cover the entire box, just stick a strip of paper, to cover the text. The legs and arms of the puppet can be made of cardboard strips or string, eyes, nos, glue the mouth from colored paper. Ears, hair, mustache cut out of cardboard, plasticize and glue to the box. We put all the puppets on the sticks, to do this, drill a hole in the box with a nail and insert a stick inside. Its size should be matched to the size of the box. Ready puppets are best stored stuck in empty spools of thread.

For example, several types of puppets made from a box.

Human. A square of white paper should be glued to the top of a rather long box, we paint eyes on it, nos, usta, hair. Cut out a disc for the beret from the cardboard and stick it on. We make the arms and legs from two strips of paper and glue them to the sides of the figure.

Kid. You can make a very funny puppet out of a cube-shaped box. Cut out two large bows from colored paper – one is glued or pinned with a pin on top of the box, second – we put it on a stick. Glue eyes on one side of the cube, nos, usta. We fasten the puppet on a stick.

Rabbit. To make this puppet, you need a box in the shape of a cube. Cut out the ears from the cardboard, we "plasticize" them (An adult must assist the child in this activity) and glue it to the box. Glue the eyes to the front wall, nos, mouth, moustache. Many animals can be made in the same way, for example a dog, elephant. We put the puppet on the stick.

The dog is also made of a cube. The dog's face is made of a strip of cardboard rolled up into a roll and inserted into the hole drilled in the box, ears are cut out of cardboard and glued to the head.

Skin. We make a goat from a box of elongated shape, using one closure for the tail and the other for the head. Cut out the horns and the beard from the cardboard and glue them. We make the legs from long strips of cardboard, with which we cover the box on three sides.

Pies. We will make this dog similarly to the goat. The head and tail are modeled from parts of the box. Ears glued from cardboard, legs from strips of paper or twine. There is a little more work to assemble the string legs, because you have to make holes in the box with a nail and pull a string through them, so adult help may be needed, but the puppet made in this way has more interesting movements.

The girl is made of a matchbox. Cardboard head, inserted into the incision of the so-called drawer. The girl's hands are moved through the drilled holes in the box. The legs are threaded through the drawer of the box. Dolls with string hands and feet have much richer, more interesting moves.

Puppets made of boxes can be used by a child when staging well-known fairy tales or stories. But what gives him the most joy and excitement is their performance.