When to teach a child to draw

When to teach a child to draw?

At the end of the second year of life, you need to give your child a pencil and a sheet of paper. Many mothers think so, it's quite a dangerous item, you can easily hurt yourself with it, and for this reason, or very reluctantly, or not even share it with the child at all. Meanwhile, the pencil marks left on the paper are very intriguing for a child. Drawing different zigzags, of chaotically tangled lines fascinates them. At first it holds the pencil with a handful and pressing down, how much force, pulls the paper so hard, that it often overwhelms him. Sometimes he hits it again, leaving only tiny points. And without even looking at it, often even turns his head the other way, because he doesn't understand the relationship yet, between the pencil running across the paper and the mark it leaves. But a scribbled piece of paper always makes them very happy. Many children, which cannot be drawn on paper, pencil marks on the walls, furniture and various items. To prevent this, prepare small sheets of paper and a soft pencil (preferably B6), because the clearer the sign, the greater the joy of it, and let the baby, it could, whenever he wants, play with it at will. Of course, you shouldn't teach how to hold a pencil correctly; at this age it is useless. The child should be allowed complete freedom to use it, except of course scribbling on the walls, furniture and other items.