coloring pages

coloring pages.

In kindergarten, the child watches the work of his friends. He is not yet able to look critically at his own creations, rate them, but the work of other children often gives him new ideas. Kid, who doesn't go to kindergarten, can't see the drawings, painting, cutouts, crafts made by others. Therefore, it is worth taking them to various exhibitions of children's works, that are organized in kindergartens, schools or community centers on the occasion of International Children's Day or the end of the school year. Such an exhibition will not only be interesting, but most importantly, it encourages artistic creativity, will bring up new ideas.

Some educators recommend, to get the child used to coloring outline pictures as early as possible. They think, that this action, requiring careful drawing of the crayon to the line, it will make it easier to master the difficult art of writing in the future. Others, not without reason, argue, that child, who drew a lot in preschool age, painted, modeled according to his own imagination, he has such an improved hand, she is in control of her movements, that at school age nice, careful writing, drawing letters to the line will not cause him the slightest difficulty. Books with ready-made drawings for coloring limit creativity, and sometimes they even discourage painting. The child constantly compares the result of his work with the pattern next to it. These assessments are not positive for him. The pattern in the book remains an unattainable ideal. So, after a while, the child becomes convinced, that painting is extremely difficult and she cannot do it. So it's better to create such situations, in which they will be able to evaluate themselves and their activities positively.

Even more pleasure, than using crayons, makes the child paint with paints. Poster paints are best for this. Let's equip our novice painter with quite thick brushes (they can be bristles), ordinary, gray, kraft paper cut into cardboard-sized pieces from a drawing pad, let's get the place ready, let's secure clothes and let's, to let his imagination run wild. Initially, the child enjoys every colorful spot left on the paper. So he paints over page after page, not caring about it at all, what his painting is supposed to represent. Only later will he begin to paint silhouettes of people and animals, houses, flowers, trees, sun shining in the sky.