The educational toy is the puzzle. It teaches the child to find certain fragments and put them together as a whole. However, it has this disadvantage, that after arranging it several times, the child knows the picture by heart and puts it together without any intellectual effort. The puzzle ceases to entertain them and the child reluctantly reaches for it. To provide him with still attractive tasks to perform, you can make new puzzles from old postcards at home from time to time. We choose four postcards with very different themes, for example: with flowers, with animals, with Christmas wishes and an illustration of a fairy tale, we put them together in two, then divide each pair into 9 equal rectangles and intersect. Put the mixed parts into the envelope. The toy is ready. Arranging postcards correctly will not be such an easy task for a preschooler. For an older child, we can complicate it even more by cutting the postcard into more parts of various shapes.

Being in a preschool group for eight hours is tiring for a child. So at home, he needs to rest from the bustle, relax in peace and quiet. But from time to time you also need to allow him to play with his peers at home. And not just an only child, but also a child growing up together with siblings. In kindergarten, everyone stays on equal terms and therefore mutual contacts between children are arranged there on completely different rules. It's different at home, where one child is the host, second guest. These roles oblige you to certain specific behaviors, and that's fine, when a preschooler tries to adapt to them. He can already understand, care is the responsibility of the host, that, to make the guest feel good in a foreign home. For this very reason, you have to give in to him sometimes in play, relinquish a more attractive role to him, and settle for the less exciting. You don't just need to show your guests your toys, but also share them, let them play, even the most loved ones. Take care, whether the visitor is by any chance hungry, whether he would not drink compote or tea. Ask your mom to prepare sandwiches or a drink. In one word, must be remembered throughout the game, that the guest is the first person in our house, that no misfortune can befall him.

Paid visits also enrich the child's experience. In someone else's house, everything seems different, more interesting than my own. Lots of things are intriguing. But at the same time, you have to put some brakes on yourself. Don't take anything without permission, don't look in every corner, don't ask for every little thing. You have to behave like this, not to be a nuisance, but a friendly and welcome guest.