Line 6 Peak II

Line 6 Peak II – how to download user programs via MIDI Dump SysEx?

Line 6 Vetta II is one of the most interesting proposals of this manufacturer. Unfortunately, life has not been made easier for guitarists in one fundamental respect – The Vetta II does not have USB to communicate with the computer, and only MIDI, and programs are saved as System Exclusive messages (SysEx).

For many guitarists, MIDI and SysEx are black magic. The user manual treats the subject of backups with care – can be seen, that the instructions were not written by the guitarist ­čÖé And that's where the problem arises – how to dump the contents of our Vetta II's memory via MIDI? One of our readers asked us this question – step by step in this article, what steps need to be taken. this article may also be of use to users of other MIDI-equipped amplifiers and processors, to trace the sequence of actions when uploading and uploading System Exclusive data (SysEx Dump o SysEx Receive) with settings.

  • Pobierz ze strony program MIDI-OX w wersji 7.

  • Install the program and run it.
  • Connect via MIDI to your computer and combo line 6 Peak. Remember, that WE ALWAYS CONNECT MIDI OUT TO MIDI IN. So the cable from the MIDI Out of the computer is connected to the MIDI In Vetta, and from Vetty's MIDI Out, connect the cable to the computer's MIDI in.
  • Launch the MIDI-OX program.
  • Click on the Options menu and select the MIDI Devices submenu.
  • Activate the ports with the left mouse button, to which you connected the combo and confirm with OK.
  • Click on the View menu and select the SysEx submenu.
  • In the window that appears SysEx View and Scratchpad, click on the Sysex menu and the first option from the top Receive Manual Dump.
  • The SysEx Receive box button will appear.
  • W combo Line 6 Vetta press the SAVE button and go to the menu on the page 7/12 USER DUMP.
    • When new SYSX data stops appearing and the SysEx Receive button stops adding received bytes (Bytes Received), you can press the Done key.
    • To save the dumped data, click in the SysEx View and Scratchpad window in the File menu and Quit Sysex View submenu.
    • The program will ask, whether to save changes – if you want to save the dumped memory content, click Yes.
    • Point to the place, where you want to save the contents of your Vetta's bank and name the file.


If you want to upload SysEx file to combo Line 6 Peak, follow the steps below.

  • Connect the MIDI Out of your computer's MIDI interface to the MIDI in of your combo line 6 Peak.
  • Launch MIDI-OX.
  • Check your MIDI configuration, is it correct (Options/MIDI Devices).
  • Click on the View menu and select SysEx View and Scratchpad.
  • In SysEx View and Scratchpad, click on the Command Window menu and click Load File.
  • Point to the place, where you store the SysEx file with settings and open it.
  • Again in the SysEx View and Scratchpad, click on the Command Window menu and select Send Sysex.
  • Data will start to be sent to your combo line 6 Peak.
  • After the transfer is complete, you have programs contained in the file in the combo.