Young children are unable to focus their attention on one activity

Young children are unable to focus their attention on one activity.

Young children are unable to focus their attention on one activity for a long time. Once started, they tire quickly, ceases to interest. So they often change the subject. A child between the ages of 2 and 3 can only engage in an activity for a few minutes, which interests them, A preschooler can concentrate for several minutes. The ability to focus attention for longer periods of time, on this, what the child was particularly interested in, is a very important matter, it will make it easier for him to study in school in the future.

Every child has his or her favorite toys, such, with whom he almost never parted, that faithfully accompany him throughout the day, which he takes for a walk, and at night he wants to have it in his crib. The others, however, become commonplace quite quickly. It doesn't mean at all, that you need to buy a new one immediately. If you have a lot of toys at home, and some of them were clearly bored with the child, some of them can be hidden. After some time, when we notice, that the child is again moving toys from place to place, we'll take these out, that were hidden. The two-year-old will recognize, that sq are his old toys, but he will accept them with even greater joy and enthusiasm than new ones. Greet like old people, good friends, like friends who once accompanied him in games. So we're going to do a swap, and we're going to hide these in turn, which the child has already grown accustomed to. Such periodic toy exchanges are very useful. But it's worth remembering, leave your child with a variety of toys. If, for example, it has several dolls, miss, various pets, we'll hide one, two dolls and some animals, the, which he enjoys less. If it has stackable cubes and soft plastic skittles, we will bury one once, another toy. Once we will hide the folding pyramid, once molds. If it has two different sized balls, once we hide him a bigger one, and once smaller. In one word, we will leave such a set, with the help of which the child will be able to organize various games. Because it's not the number of toys that matters, but the right choice. The toy encourages the child to a certain activity. Doll, bear, little dog, kitten incline, to care for them, care for and care for them. Balls, carts, reins, windmills encourage movement, running, throwing, capture. Laboriously placed blocks require more and more precise movements, attention, accuracy.