Order in toys

Order in toys.

It is very important to get the child used to it, to keep their toys in order. In some homes, a small child is allowed everything. Everywhere, He spreads his toys on the floor and equipment. The apartment looks like a shambles and there is not much room left for adults. There are also families, where strict rigor prevails. The child must not cross the play area. No exaggeration is good. Make an appointment with your child, where he can lay out his toys at will, and where should they not be left. But if the fun is, for example, to carry, nothing bad will happen, if a child drives a car or pram around the whole apartment, even several times, and then goes back to his corner, to unload the "transport" brought there.

Already at the turn of the second and third year of life, it is worth getting the child used to the evening – before the bath, dinner and bedtime – assembling your toys. Of course, initially we will do it together with the baby. And actually, first mom or dad will collect toys, and the child will accompany and help them in this activity. However, as time goes on, these roles will slowly start to change. This baby will clean up almost by itself, and adults will only help him in this, advise, assist.

Toys from the beginning should have their permanent place. When there aren't too many of them, they can be stored in a plastic bag, wicker basket or cardboard box. Over time, a bookcase or cabinet will become indispensable. The owner of this equipment and the host responsible for the order prevailing there will of course be a child.

A small child likes to play on the floor. Therefore, it is good to put a rug in the play area, or at least a thick blanket, so she can put her toys on it, sit down, to go on all fours - this is a very favorable posture, it relieves the spine, still very weak at this age. Sometimes the baby likes to lie on the floor, let's encourage, to read books while lying on her stomach, it will be an exercise that shapes the correct posture.

At the end of the third year of life, it is worth giving your child a small one, a low table and at least two high chairs adapted to the height of their user. It will be convenient to draw at the table, paint, cut out, plasticine, etc. After all, your child will spend more and more time doing these activities.