Back from kindergarten

Back from kindergarten.

Stefan is four years old. She has been attending kindergarten for six months. His father takes him home in the morning. She undresses in a hurry and before the boy has a good look around, disappears behind the door. Stef is shy, so he doesn't feel well in a group of friends. He stays away from children. He's having fun alone, out of the way. He's too ashamed to come to you with his troubles. And it happens sometimes, that his friends take away his toys. If you notice, stands by the boy. And if there are no witnesses to the violence, sad Stefek looks around for a long time and helplessly, wonders, what to do here again.

She likes the most, when you play with a whole group of children. Learns a new poem, or songs, playing circles with everyone, or in "a fox walks by the road". Then there are no misunderstandings, no feuds. Nobody takes anything away from anyone, they don't bother each other, everyone is having fun. And even if a dispute arises, steamy quickly, wisely and justly decides it, and there is peace again.

In the afternoon, Stefek's mother comes for Stefek. He's probably even more in a hurry than his father. He dresses his son quickly. And sometimes already in the process of dressing, and sometimes only on the street he asks, what he ate for dinner. Stefek can't always remember, what was the soup like, tasty, whether so-so and what was given for the second. Mom is then clearly dissatisfied with her son, sometimes she even gets angry with him. And he strongly insists, to remember the lunch menu. Stefek doesn't like these conversations very much. He'd rather say a poem, he learned in kindergarten today, but mom doesn't have time to listen to him and says: "Okay, Okay, you tell me then, when we come home”.

On the way, he also stops at the shops, does some shopping, and Stefek waits standing on the sidelines and gets bored. At home, when she follows her mother step by step and tries to tell a story, what happened in kindergarten, hears most often: "Don't tangle under my feet like that all the time. You do not see, that I'm busy? go, have fun in the room, tell me then."

And in the room, dad is reading the newspaper and he doesn't feel like talking to Stefek either: "Do not bother, you see, that I read. Take care of your toys".

And Stefan doesn't really know, where is it better: in kindergarten, where there is a frisky bunch of children and one of them is always taking something from him, teases, is going through, or at home, where no one bothers him, but no one pays any attention either, not much time for him.