Children's party

Children's party.

The children's party is also tasty, nicely presented food. This is a very important meeting point. It should emphasize the festiveness of the moment, eye-catching, taste, but at the same time it must be easy to consume. Therefore, it is best to serve dishes that do not require children to cut, seasoning, etc. The table should be festive, but its decoration and coverings should not threaten to break valuable dishes or spill water on the tablecloth. So it is worth covering it with a non-woven or aesthetic tablecloth, colored plastic - then there will be no problem of juice or cake stains. You can also decorate the table with low flowers in a flat dish. Plastic cups are best for drinks. Drinks can be poured - from jugs or a larger vessel - with a colored ladle. There should be paper napkins on the table to wipe your mouth and hands, and nearby - an aesthetic waste container.

The menu of a children's party should not consist only of candies and cookies. It is best to serve colorful sandwiches at the beginning (should be remembered, that most children do not like dry meats and hard cheeses) or stuffed meat or egg puffs or muffins. In addition, fruit and non-crumbly dough or individual cookies. If it's a birthday - of course a cake with candles. And lots of drinks - there should be about 0.5-0.7 liters per person. Children also like very acidic jellies and creams. You can also serve ice cream or other seasonal dessert.


Sandwiches are served to children on trays - plates are not needed then, napkins will do. Sandwiches should be colorful, eye-catching, and tiny, easy to hold, with non-falling products. Best on buttered bread rolls, spread on bread or on crackers, into which you can easily push the radish, lettuce, parsley and other vegetables, and in the winter unspicy pickles. Anyway, it's worth it before the children's party (and not only) plant a few weeks earlier in a box on the window a dozen or so onions for chives and 3-4 roots of parsley for parsley. There will be something to liven up sandwiches.

The quickest way to make sandwiches is to make a Parisian bun cut along the length or sliced (also along) bread from the mold. On such long slices, one paste is applied with a wide knife from one edge, for example in orange, another from the other shore, for example in cream color, and to the middle, between the two pastes, lettuce leaves are pressed, sliced ​​radishes or other vegetables. For example, if one of the pastes is. green paste, and the other also meatless — in the middle, slices of ham or other soft sausage are placed upright. the long one, the garnished patty is cut crosswise into narrow individual sandwiches. Here are some sandwich spread suggestions.

pink paste. Grind any sausage through the grinder, mix it with mayonnaise.

Orange paste. Mix a good cream cheese with a tablespoon of butter and tomato paste. Season with salt to taste, pepper, sugar.

Yellow paste. Grind 2 hard-boiled eggs and mix with a tablespoon of sour cream or mayonnaise. Season to taste with salt.

Green paste. Mix butter with parsley, dill or chives or all together.

Cream paste. Grate yellow cheese and radishes on a vegetable grater, mix with mayonnaise.

White paste. Rub a good non-sour cottage cheese with fish in canned olive oil and cream. Season to taste with salt and pepper.