The joy of a new toy

The joy of a new toy.

A small child enjoys every toy, we bring him. With time, of course, some of them endow more sympathy, while others play less willingly. But every novelty gives him a lot of joy.

Preschoolers are more picky. Because he can already plan his games, so he often desires to have certain items needed to run them. Sometimes he dreams of a horse, takim samym, what a friend is playing, about the car, which stands in the middle of the shop window, game, who just showed up in kindergarten. He cannot hide his desires, fail, he talks about them regardless, what kind of listeners he has. He confides in adults, tells his beloved teddy bear or doll, assures colleagues, that he will soon have a turn, sleeping doll, comet, although no one had really promised him anything yet. So it is easy to know these childish desires. It's easy to be surprised, bringing a dream toy as a gift one day. And our little boy, although he talked about her constantly in the last few days (although not so directly, insistently: buy me, mom! but telling, what splendors Monika and Krzysio have, what new toys appeared again in kindergarten), will inquire, how did mom or dad know his hottest desires so well.

Sometimes, before buying a gift, instead of thinking about the inclinations of your child, carefully analyze his behavior, statements, confessions, we reminisce back, to my own childhood. We remember, what we liked doing the most at that age, what kind of toys did we dream about. And we buy this one for our child, what we liked the most, or that, which remained our unfulfilled dream. Sometimes this gift, which – without even realizing it, we are actually buying for ourselves, The baby is also happy. But that's not always the case. And then the parents are disappointed, surprised, that an expensive and, in their opinion, extremely attractive toy, the child is moderately pleased. Our parental tastes do not always coincide with the child's tastes. Adults are often fascinated by complex mechanical toys, such, that wasn't there when they were kids. They also arouse the admiration of children, but it lasts for a very short period, and then they get used to it quickly, because they are not functional. There are usually only two things you can do with them: set in motion, then watch them passively. A funny twitching monkey entertains for two, three evenings, then loses interest. For the longest time, a child can deal with mechanical vehicles.