Celebration at home

Birthday at home.

Preparing for the celebration, to which children are to be invited, you have to realize, there will be a lot of uproar for sure, running etc. Therefore, a few days before the celebration, it is necessary to warn the neighbors about it - let them prepare for a little anxiety, so that they would not spoil the mood of the children and the hosts with the proverbial tapping of the brush on the ceiling. On the other hand, you need to think about the event in this way, so that - while providing the little guests with maximum joy - there would be as little elemental bustle and noise as possible in the apartment.

By inviting children, you need to specify the time of admission in advance, for example 3 hours, let parents know, when to pick up your children. Please note this, that too long of such a party makes it difficult to control the amused foursome.

The rooms must be properly prepared for the reception of children, where they will stay - remove all unnecessary items, easily breakable, may fall, unstable, valuable, that could get lost. So remove all trinkets, Watches, Flakony, pots with flowers. Leave the most necessary equipment, especially for sitting. It would be good too, that the floor is not slippery, preferably - carpeted, that allows you to sit on it. If there is no carpet, and there are rugs or small rugs on the floor - you have to take them, because children would trip over them while playing. Polished furniture is better to cover, lest they be destroyed.

In a multi-storey apartment, children must not be allowed to play near open stairs.

Preparing the rooms according to the above guidelines is aimed at the safety of children and property of the hosts, and uninterrupted fun. But to add sparkle to the whole party, worth the room, where children will play, decorate, so, for example, hang some funny inscriptions or drawings on the curtains or walls, on the walls and on the chandelier's arms bows made of tissue paper (note - not too close to the bulb!).

Before inviting children, you need to think about organizing such a meeting, so that they all leave our house satisfied. Babies don't always grow up on their own, they're going to have fun. Fun should be shared, include all its participants, so that none of them feel lonely and left out. So it's worth preparing some games or games in advance, which, if necessary, could be brought forward and helped to organize for the children. Here you can refer to our childhood experiences or use the literature on the subject, choosing games according to the age of the guests.

Preschoolers, for example, will be happy to play "old bear", "a square circle" or "there is a rose in a red wreath", so having fun in circles. You can also show them a fairy tale from a slide, organize a drawing competition, guessing "what is it?” or the presentation of scenes from a fairy tale known or told a moment ago by someone from adults. Such staging is combined with disguise, what you need to spend prepared in advance, dresses no longer worn, slippers etc. You can also use the reeds discussed below, preparing them in advance.

School children will love to play "broken phone", in fantasy games, np. "tomato" or "postman". Older children can be reminded of games of "intelligence", blowing a feather over the table, etc.