A trip with the child to the store for toys

A trip with the child to the store for toys.

We will give the little one great pleasure by taking him to the store and letting him choose the most beautiful toy. Some parents are afraid, that the child will ask for it, which they cannot afford. Such a situation would also be beneficial from an educational point of view. The child should know, that his parents can't afford it, that not all his desires can be fulfilled, that there are things, which must be denied. It happens very often, that children dream of modest toys, inconspicuous. Four-year-old Rysio, whose parents took to the newly opened "Smyk", let him choose the most beautiful toy for himself, he went from booth to booth for a long time, he watched the beauties exhibited there attentively and thoughtfully. And when he finally scrutinized everything thoroughly, what the warehouse had, asked for a small plastic fish, in price 11 zloty. Surprised and dismayed by the unexpected choice, the parents inquired, Are you sure he likes fish the most?. Rysio gravely and as if reproachfully reminded them, that his floating duck had just broken down recently, with which he bathed and had to throw it away, so he needs a new toy, because it's sad to bathe in an empty bathtub. Prepared for a greater expense, the parents persuaded the little one, to choose something else, but the boy said, that he already has it, what he needs the most and, without letting go of the fish from his hand, he hurried: – No, let's go home. And then he was looking forward to bathing in the company of a toy chosen from many, many others.

Five-year-old Asia behaved similarly. After looking at everything carefully, what was in the store on two floors, she asked for two tiny colorful plastic bears.

Of course, there are other situations as well. Three-year-old Joasia once wanted a beautiful giant doll dressed in a bride's outfit spotted at the exhibition of one of Warsaw's second-hand shops. Mom told her, that the doll costs almost as much, how much does father earn per month, so if they did that, they wouldn't have had money to live on for a whole month. The girl took note of her mother's explanation. But in the evening she asked her father: "Couldn't you earn a little more?"? - And when the surprised one asked his daughter, why she cares so much about higher wages, she replied: – No, because if you could earn more, then we could buy that doll from the show and still have some money left over, thus, I don't think I'll ever have such a big doll.

For some time the girl went every day, to say "good morning" to the doll in the window, she whispered something through the window, then she waved goodbye and walked away. When one day the doll disappeared from the exhibition, the girl wondered, or a child, who got this beautiful and very expensive toy will take good care of it.

The older the child is, the more pleasure it gives him to choose a toy on his own, deciding it, which one he likes the most and which one is needed.

The older child, already attending school, he does not always talk as directly as a preschooler about his dreams. Sometimes he is ashamed to ask his parents for a new toy, because he thinks, that there are already too many of them, or he does not want to expose his parents to unnecessary expenses. Sometimes he wants to find out, whether his parents can guess his dreams. reasons, for which he refrains from revealing his desires, there are many. That's why it's worth going to a toy store together from time to time and allowing you to make your own choice. After all, not every bear is equally nice and good, not everyone can be liked. Also, the child often – just like Ryś or Asia – different things are needed, little toys. And we adults don't even think about it, that it can want so much cheaper, ordinary, an ineffective toy. The older the child, the more she likes small ones, inconspicuous toys. Sometimes she would rather get some fashionable mascot, book, clusters, a series of interesting stamps or DIY tools. And because adults are not always oriented, what the child really needs and what will please them the most, so better, so that it can choose it, what he dreams about.

Such buying a toy together with parents is particularly attractive for a child living in the countryside, most often it is connected with the need to move to a bigger city, or even to the city. This can be a bit of a hassle for parents, but it leaves an unforgettable impression on the child. It doesn't happen often that it gets big, nicely decorated and well stocked shop. And in addition, choose something in it for yourself.