Children fun

The primary activity of a child is play. Until he starts school, it occupies the most important place in his life. Sometimes even a student of lower grades devotes almost as much time to it, how much science.

During play, the child acquires the first information about the surrounding world and enriches it more and more. The importance of play for a child's development is indisputable. And that's why it seems strange, that so little attention is usually paid to this issue. Young parents are given many tips on feeding and caring for their baby, how to deal with it, the problem of choosing toys is often overlooked, organizing and managing games.

That's true, I don't think we have a baby today, for whom a toy would be an unattainable dream. Parents take care of it, for their children to have fun. But how often a toy, they buy, it is of little use, just not appropriate for the age of the child. Babies are given toys intended for preschoolers, and preschoolers with toys suitable for a two-year-old.

When we buy a toy, we often do not think twice, Will the baby like it?, will it be useful to him. We are guided rather by our own taste or we return to dreams and preferences from childhood and buy one, which we enjoyed many years ago.

An important issue is also the attitude of adults to children's games. For a small child, parents often try to organize and participate in games out of necessity. The older ones refer to their toys. Unfortunately, belief is quite common, that toys can replace parents and release them from participating in playing together. This is a misconception and harmful from an educational point of view. Playing together is needed not only for the child. For parents, it is a source of valuable information about the child's development.

On this page, various games are offered, organized at home, on vacation, on walks etc., very simple and does not require any special preparations, or fancy accessories. The reader will also find suggestions for joint activities, DIY together, ways to spend your free time, attractive not only to children, but also for parents. There are very few fathers, which will not be completely consumed by building a kite together, cars made of cardboard or matchboxes… And there are few mothers and grandmothers, who will be reluctant to design and sew clothes for dolls.

Suggestions can be included, and even should, develop and adapt to the conditions and capabilities of the child. The aim of the book is to draw parents' attention to the importance of play in upbringing and to it, that the child's time should be organized in this way, so that it doesn't have to announce: ,,I'm bored!”