Toys don't last forever. They often break down

Toys don't last forever. They often break down.

The dog's ear is cut off, the doll's hand falls off, the car loses its wheels. If a toy is broken, to which the child is not particularly attached, or this, which he got bored, that's half the trouble. We remove it, so that no trace of her remains. But what to do, if your beloved doll has lost an arm! First, of course, we will try to remove the "disability". Sometimes it can be done at home, sometimes you need to seek professional help, which is quite troublesome, because there are not many service points that repair toys. Instead of a doll or a teddy bear, we buy a new toy. And we watch, as it will be received. when will we see, I liked it more than the old one, worn out, then we remove the broken toy. However, let's not rush to throw away, because the child can still remember her, start looking for her, cry. So let's put it back in the hidden toys, and then we'll throw it away, when we find out, that the new doll has completely replaced the old one.

Some children play with toys as intended. Others are interesting, what's inside a squeaking stuffed dog, what's in my belly, that it makes a muffled hum with every bend. The doll annoys them, who falls asleep as soon as she puts her head on the pillow and does not want to listen to a bedtime story. So he tries to open the eyelids of the sleeping doll by force. Sometimes eyelashes break off as a result of such manipulation, or the eyes fall into the depths, to the center of the head and the doll scares with empty eye sockets. Others wonder, can the car go like this, not all the wheels turn at the same time. Will it run just as smoothly?, if one wheel is missing? A small man comes up with a lot of important and difficult problems to solve. And no wonder, he discovers the world for himself. He is learning it. So he asks questions all the time.

Sometimes a child comes with a very specific question: what's inside the dog, miss, dolls? For some, the parents' answer is enough. Others want to find out for themselves. See for yourself, touch it with your hand, what is hidden under the plush or oilcloth coating, and so intriguing. If the child destroys, spoils the toy, because he wants to know its structure, we can't blame him or blame him for that, that he doesn't respect his stuff. vice versa even, we can be glad, that the child is inquisitive and this trait, showing curiosity about the world, care for it skillfully.

The reason for breaking toys is not always the child's passion for learning. Sometimes a little boy holding a teddy bear by the leg, doggy, hits the doll mindlessly with a toy, what's going on. And then we'll explain, that doll, bear, Dogs are playmates and should be treated with care, handle them carefully, take care of them, do them no harm. And at the same time, we will try to provide them with toys intended for throwing: a small ball or bag filled with peas. We will encourage the child on the walk, to try to throw cones in a certain direction, pebbles or chestnuts, so far, as soon as it hits. To practice throwing more willingly, we will say, that after a far thrown chestnut, cone or a pebble, a squirrel will come running and take them to play with. Let's remember this, to form certain habits in the child, get used to it, that it is not allowed to throw in the direction of a person or animal, nor can the target be a tree or other plant. If the child continues to destroy his toys mindlessly, he is tormenting them, we should reconsider our behavior, because there must have been something wrong with it, which triggered aggressive reactions. If there is something in the child's behavior that puzzles us, something disturbing, if we can't understand something, The best thing to do is consult a psychologist.