Birthday games for children

Birthday games for children.

If the floor is carpeted, you can also risk a little known fun in airplane. A board is needed for this. The board is held low to the floor (5—10 cm) two children; the "passenger" stands on it, he is blindfolded and gently rocks the board, on which he stands. The "passenger" holds his hands on the head of the child in front of him, which slowly "settles down", while making noises resembling the roar of an airplane. The "passenger" has such a strong feeling of floating, that at some point, when he loses the head of the child standing in front of him, jumps off the board in my opinion, it's high above the floor, which evokes general joy.

If there is a garden near the house, playground or other free place to play, children can play physical games in the summer, e.g. "wizard", "croquette", "snake", "cells for rent".

Magician fun it's about that, that one of the children is a wizard. His touch "enchants", that is, it obliges to immobilize. All the children run away, to avoid it. The sorcerer's task is to enchant them, which is all the more difficult, that each of the free children can, by touch, free the enchanted one. A wizard ceases to be a wizard, when it enchants all participants of the game. Zmiena go ten, who was enchanted first.

Croquet is a game in which a stick stuck in the ground is knocked down with throwing sticks (croquet), one of the children is watching. The stick is separated from the rest of the playing by a boundary—a line drawn in the sand. As all the children threw their sticks towards the croquet, they have to take them and go back abroad. But if, before the border, the croquet guard touches someone with his stick, they switch roles. However, the watcher is allowed to touch children only when the kibble is standing; if the kibble has been beaten, he must put it in front of him.

Snake fun it's about that, that the children join hands and the first of them - turning around, opens the ranks, all children run in one direction, these come full circle, which are at the end of the row, i.e. a snake.

Cells for rent it's team fun in the field, where you can draw circles. There are one less circle than children. There is one child in each, and for one child there is no circle. At the cry of a child, which is not in a circle: "cells for rent" children change places, going from one circle to another, a to, which does not have time to jump in - is left without a "cell".