Encourage your child to help with the housework

Encourage your child to help with the housework.

Entrusting serious responsibilities gives a child satisfaction, confirms his faith in his own strength. Malec makes every effort, to perform its tasks in the best possible way. And never again will an older child be so enthusiastic, he was happy and willing to help adults, like a preschooler. This enthusiasm must be used properly and teach the child to do many simple things, but necessary activities in life. This usually requires patience and understanding from parents, but it's worth getting it. It will pay off in the future and the child, and parents.

We will not only encourage a preschooler to help with household and farm work, but also for self-service. Efficient dressing, putting on a hat and scarf by yourself, fastening the coat and shoes raises the prestige of our little one in the eyes of his peers, contributes to the well-being of the child.

It is also attractive for the child to make everyday purchases together with the elderly, but on condition, that it is not done in a hurry, you don't leave your little one waiting somewhere in the corner of the store. The child should participate in the purchase and sale transaction and not only observe, how it is done, but also to understand its highly complex meaning for him.

After reporting on the course of the whole day spent away from home and helping with farm activities, the child will be happy to take to a quiet one, herself, have fun. She had enough company in kindergarten, enough traffic, a variety of sensations and emotions. However, you need to spend some time, to have fun together. It can and should organize many games on its own. Thematic games, Construction activities generally do not require the participation of adults. It is enough to show interest in the child's activities from time to time, and come to his aid in a particularly difficult situation. However, the participation of adults in games and didactic games is necessary. They broaden and deepen knowledge and specific skills in a deliberate and purposeful way.

Playing the lottery together with parents and siblings is a great attraction. And you shouldn't waste your time on such activities.

Such joint play is needed not only by the child, but also parents, because it provides them with a lot of valuable information. You can't get them in conversation, because a preschooler cannot yet define and name their states. With various games, parents can see, how their child reacts to different situations, how he relates certain things, or becomes more observant, can he concentrate?, how he gets emotionally involved in the course of the game.

A small man surrounded by adults, who know everything and can do everything, I always feel my imperfection, therefore, he usually experiences each of his failures in the game very strongly. He wants so much to avoid failure, that he even tries to resort to petty deceptions. So when we sit down to the lottery or dominoes, we assume in advance, there will be no winners, nor the defeated. Everyone will win, with sequentially. And every place, both first, as well as fourth, will be equally good and will be a cause for joy.