Rhythm classes

Rhythm classes.

If the child does not attend kindergarten, can listen to radio programs for children of this age once a week. Even a four-year-old can successfully participate in them. With this, that you must first teach him how to use these broadcasts. four-year-old, who perfectly understands and executes mother's commands addressed to him, dad or someone else, does not initially respond to words coming from the radio speaker. He hears them, understands, but he doesn't think so, that they are directed at him. So we will repeat every command to the child, to show, what movements and how to perform them, and encourage, to listen carefully to the voice coming from the radio. He will slowly learn to follow the announcer's directions, understand, that they also apply to him. Even then, the participation of adults in the game is necessary, because it should be done with a partner, also need to be controlled, whether the child is making the correct movements. If we observe, some exercises are difficult, that they don't do well, let's not fix it too often, not to be discouraged. Instead of showing errors and talking, what does not work yet, as it should be, it is better to praise for it, what he can do well or almost well. This will undoubtedly be an incentive for further effort. Rhythm classes also teach perceptiveness, they create fluidity of movement, they allow you to get rid of the stiffness characteristic of a small child faster.